Our Approach

Adaptive partners with individuals and organizations, and helps them understand and apply the same Lean and Six Sigma principles that world-class organizations utilize, to achieve breakthrough results in areas including process and product quality, employee and customer safety, product delivery, cost reduction, through a combination classroom-based training and on-site coaching.

Adaptive understands Lean is not a program, an initiative, or a one-week event. Lean is an enterprise wide philosophy that promotes the constant pursuit of maximizing the work effort of an organization’s primary resource, its people. A Lean thinking organization is able to develop its people to adapt to change, constantly identify and eliminate waste, and relentlessly improve processes throughout all functions of your business, in order to deliver value for its customers, employees, and the company.

Adaptive’s Lean Transformation Framework™ can help guide your transformation to a Lean thinking organization. Every business is at a different point along the continuous improvement spectrum. Our experienced team understands how to integrate Lean thinking into your business’ unique culture, products and services, and environment. And, utilizing our proprietary framework, establish a strategic path that fits your specific needs, no matter where your business lies.

Our Lean Transformation Framework™ coaches your organization through three fundamental phases of improvement:

Phase I: Understand. Develop a thorough understanding of current business goals and capabilities.

Phase II: Stabilize. Create a solid foundation for your operations and organization.

Phase III: Continuously Improve. Add value to your people, product, and process using a structured approach.