Leadership Training and Development

World-class processes, products, and ultimately world-class results are born from great people; your leadership team is the key. In order to develop a Lean-thinking organization, every member of your leadership team, from business leader to supervisor MUST be able to readily identify abnormal situations and waste, react quickly to restore flow, and solve problems to root cause.

Adaptive can develop tailored solutions for your leadership, management, supervisors, and associates consisting of both classroom and hands-on training, that apply directly to your specific business and processes. Our leadership training and development solutions are specifically designed to help your leadership team truly understand their roles and responsibilities in a lean-thinking organization.

Remember, people are not your greatest asset. Great people are your greatest asset!

Ensure your leadership team and associates are well prepared to effectively support the business goals with the following options:

  • Organizational and leadership assessment: Understanding the “current state” of your overall HR strategy, including analysis of your culture, leadership team’s performance, and key HR functions such as talent acquisition and employee development.
  • Lean Thinking training: A combination of classroom and applied training. Providing your team the skills to lead in a Lean-thinking environment.
  • Six Sigma training & certification: Public and private Green Belt or Black Belt training with a certification option.
  • Interim leadership: Providing temporary functional bandwidth and expertise to support your team’s transformation efforts.

ABS Lean Transformation Framework - Leadership Training and Development