Lean Transformation

All facets of your organization, including sales, marketing, engineering, HR, supply chain, and of course production, must work together in concert to create dramatic, sustainable results for both you and your customers.

Adaptive’s structured but flexible Lean Transformation Framework will enable you to successfully align people, processes, systems, and methods across your entire organization, in order to solve your most pressing safety, quality, delivery, cost, and/or sales problems, and ultimately create value to your customers and directly impact your bottom line.

Using our proven framework, we teach, demonstrate, and coach you through the journey, while avoiding the all-to-common pitfalls. Adaptive’s experience and techniques can help you develop and implement sustainable improvements throughout your entire enterprise, ensuring a successful Lean transformation.

Proper execution is paramount. Adaptive’s team can quickly guide you through the heavy lifting to help maximize your results, with the following services:

  • On-site coaching: Provide specific recommendations tailored to your organization and challenges, daily support to help maximize efforts and increase speed of benefits realization.
  • Kaizen facilitation & Six Sigma project management: Team up with your leadership to quickly identify and implement solutions to your most prevalent problems, while teaching your organization how to understand and apply Lean and Six Sigma thinking.
  • Continuous Improvement program management: Provide additional bandwidth and expertise to help your team to drive large scale savings using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Supplier development. Working with your external suppliers to help identify quality, cost, and delivery improvements.

ABS Lean Transformation Framework - Lean Transformation