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Adaptive Presenting In January To Milwaukee’s Logistics Council (TLC)

Structured Approach to “Doing More with Less” – the Lean Transformation Framework
Location: Radisson Hotel Milwaukee West (Jan 19, 2012)

There is little evidence to suggest that 2012 business landscape will be much different than the previous few years. Leaders will continue to be asked for higher levels of growth and profitability, while minimizing personnel budgets and capital expenditure for new technology and infrastructure upgrades. In short, leaders must be able to do more with less for all customers, including employees, shareholders, and external customers. Do you have a structured approach to focus your existing resources and achieve your goals and objectives? This one-hour presentation will provide participants an overview of the Lean Transformation Framework; a structured approach to improving your organization with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session to address concerns about the Lean Transformation Framework, continuous improvement in general, and recommendations for specific situations.

For additional information or to register for this presentation, go to www.milwaukeelogisticscouncil.org/programs. For other all other questions you may contact the Adaptive team at (Enable Javascript to see the email address).