On-site Coaching

Adaptive’s approach was developed based on decades of combined experience as both functional and continuous improvement leaders in a wide variety of organizations and functions, spanning the U.S. military, large Fortune 500 organizations, and smaller privately held environments.

Because we help with organizational excellence we have provided coaching to all functions, including but not limited to sales, marketing, customer service, supply chain, engineering, operations, human resources, and finance.

Our coaching services help leaders utilize best practices, think through trade-offs, and accelerate results. We are firm believers that training without coaching is just education, and coaching without training is simply consulting. Our goal is to make every client self-sufficient.

Below are just a few ways we’ve assisted organizations with on-site coaching:

  • Business Strategy and action plan development
  • Sales force education and development
  • Human resources planning and development
  • Metrics and operating mechanism establishment
  • Kaizen event facilitation and project management
  • Continuous Improvement program management
  • Supplier development

Don’t hesitate to contact us to determine how we can help accelerate your specific efforts.