Ordered and Un-ordered lists

The HTML tools for organizing indented content are the ordered (numbered) and un-ordered (bulleted) lists – ‘ol’and ‘ul’ respectively. Getting them to cooperate is sometimes difficult, especially when using WYSIWYG editors.

Let’s try this manually.

  1. FIRST OL ‘li’ Element – each element/item in the list uses an ‘li’ tag to define the contents.
  2. SECOND OL ‘li’ Element – another ‘simple’ ‘li’ element
  3. THIRD OL ‘li’ Element – this time we’re going to be a bit more creative and place an un-ordered list (bullets only). First a line break
    • This is the first ‘li’ element in the ‘ul’ list .. nested within the THIRD OL ‘li’.
    • A second ‘li’ of this bulleted list
    • I haven’t looked at this content yet, but it should work
    • And we’re going to make this the last bullet item. After closing this ‘li’, we’ll have to close the un-ordered list with the closing ‘ul’ tag, then can either add more text to this ‘ol’ item or create a new one.
  4. FOURTH OL ‘li’ Element – we’ve created a ‘nested’ unordered list within the contents of a single ‘li’ element of our ordered list.