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Adaptive Guest Speaker at Fox Valley Section 1208 ASQ Dinner Meeting

Adaptive Business Solutions is pleased to be a guest speaker at the upcoming American Society for Quality (ASQ) Fox Valley dinner. If you are part of the Fox Valley ASQ section we look forward to seeing you Tuesday, October 4, 2011. The dinner is at the Mill Rose restaurant in South Barrington. To register please see the following link http://www.asq-foxvalley.org/Meetings/Meetings.asp.

Adaptive’s first presenation covers “The Basics of Lean and Six Sigma”.

  • This presentation will provide you with a general understanding of the term Lean, or as some refer to as Lean thinking or Lean manufacturing, and how this methodology can be applied to all types of businesses and functions. Additionally, you will learn the basics of the DMAIC Six Sigma problem-solving methodology, and how it is utilized in a Lean thinking organization.

The second presentation covers “BP Lean Transformation: a Practical Guide to Applying Lean Thinking in Your Business”.

  • This presentation provides an overview of the Lean Transformational Framework (TM), a practical guide built based on decades of real world experience, designed to help organizational leaders to dramatically improve the organization’s ability to create value for external customers, internal process owners, and shareholders alike. Brent will walk you through the three primary phases of transformation:
    1) Understand, 2) Stabilize, and 3) Continuously Improve.