Development Training

Whether your goals are to become familiar with the essentials of Lean thinking and Six Sigma methodologies, to gain an expert level of knowledge for yourself, or help lead an organizational transformation, our world class training options can help.

Our Lean and Six Sigma curricula were developed by former Toyota Engineering and Quality Leaders and GE-certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts, respectively. All training sessions are lead by former GE-certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts. Our training sessions average 9+ out of 10; references are always available upon request.

Adaptive’s training is designed to be extremely practical and applicable to your daily challenges; we don’t simply teach the theory. Because ultimately, we know the goal of training is not about passing a test or receiving a plaque…it’s about the incremental results you produce as a result of the training.

Continuous Improvement: Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean Leadership

This 5-day course provides business leaders and Continuous Improvement practitioners with practical guidance on how to utilize Lean Thinking and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Value Stream Mapping

This 1.5-day course prepares participants to effectively plan and execute Value Stream Mapping events.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Win it, Keep it, Grow it™

This 3-day course covers the four essential task that effective sales professionals must master; Territory Management, Account Management, Call Management, and Opportunity Management. It receives high reviews from even “seasoned” sales professionals. Exercises and examples are typically customized to include your company’s products and/or services simultaneously build product knowledge.

Value Selling

This 1-day course dives deep into understanding, quantifying, and communicating the total value that your organization’s products and/or services bring to your customers and enable your team to beat the competition.

Communication and Influencing

3Cs (Clear, Concise, Compelling) of communication

This 1/2-day course teaches participants about the listening paradox and how to use Active Listening to “show” someone that they understand. It also addresses strategies to improve both written and verbal communication.

Expert Facilitator

This 1-day course dives deep into what it takes to effectively facilitate a meeting. It starts from planning and room set up and addresses all aspects of facilitation including how to deal with challenging participants politely yet effectively.

Personality Styles

This 1/2-day course teaches participants about the four unique personality styles, how to recognize them, and how to influence each style. Significant time is spent learning how to flex one’s own style to better influence others. Note: This is very similar to DiSC™ personality styles.

Change Acceleration

This 1-day course teaches participants to accelerate change through the application of tools and techniques that break down resistance to change.

5R Relationship Building

This 1/4-day module focuses on the process of building relationships; the critical foundation of influencing others. The 5-Rs include: Relationship, Respect, Reciprocation, Request, Response.

Leadership Development

Informal Leadership

This 1.5-day course teaches the skills needed to influence others from our peers to customers.

Effective Coaching

This 1-day course teaches effective coaching strategies, how to give effective feedback, and create development roadmaps for team members.

Leading High-Performing Teams

This 1-day course teaches effective coaching strategies, how to give effective feedback, and create development roadmaps for team members.

Other Training

Accelerating Innovation

This 1.5-day introduces participants to the basic principles, types, and concepts of innovation. It also provides tools and techniques to quickly innovate and iterate on improvements. A case study is utilized to illustrate both the cultural and technical aspects of innovation.

Project Management Lite

This 1.5-day course is for employees who are not in project manager roles but could benefit from applying the basic project management skills to manage smaller projects and activities.

Classroom or Virtual

Whether you are looking for an instructor to travel to your site or host a virtual class on Zoom, Adaptive has you covered.