The Adaptive Difference

There are many leadership development training and coaching providers from which to choose; we strongly encourage you to carefully research your options. We know our team and associated services are superior to other providers, for the following reasons:

We guarantee your satisfaction.

All Adaptive coaching and training services are backed by 100% money-back guarantee. If any classroom or coaching experience doesn’t meet your expectations, simply let us know and we will refund your money.

Our Talent Development curricula are world-class.

  • Leadership Development soft skills modules were co-designed with I/O psychologists and utilize scientifically based psychology and human behavior principles to increase motivation and improve workplace performance. Delivered by veteran coaches with significant experience leading large, diverse teams in corporate America and the military, these classes utilize extensive hands-on practice and role-playing to hone your skills.
  • Sales Force Effectiveness training was designed to not only develop a sales professional through the entire process from territory development to post deal management, but also ensure your organization has the necessary systems and leadership behaviors required for a sales team’s success. Our leaders have designed and launched new products and services into undeveloped markets.
  • Six Sigma problem solving curricula were designed by GE-certified Master Black Belts, with an emphasis not only on the traditional elements of a Six Sigma course, but also the practical elements required for making real-world business improvements, such as change acceleration techniques. An introduction to Lean thinking, is also included.
  • Lean Thinking curriculum was designed, in part, by a former Toyota Engineering and Quality leader, with over a decade of experience operating within Toyota’s system. Courses are designed to teach business leaders what they should know, how they should act, and how to practically transform their organization. Regardless of function or market, ,we guarantee the same leadership principles that companies such as Toyota have adopted to achieve world-class results will work for you.

Our training and coaching effectiveness is proven.

  • Student class ratings average 9.6 out of a possible 10.
  • Classes are lead by GE-certified Master Black Belts and Lean Leaders who have completed and mentored dozens of projects in both transactional and manufacturing businesses. They effectively illustrate concepts with real-world examples to which students can directly relate. A copy of the instructor’s GE Master Black Belt certificate is included with all certifications.

Our training and coaching is focused on achieving real-world results, not simply teaching theory.

  • Adaptive curriculum and certification requirements are modeled after the “GE Standard”, which require both classroom and real-world project experience. Many certification courses simply have you attend class and/or pass a test.
  • Unlike on-line courses, you will have access to live instructors who can answer your specific questions. Practical exercises combined with a simulated projects are used throughout Lean and Six Sigma classes to enhance learning.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt and Advanced Six Sigma Principles classes expose students to Minitab™ software, the industry standard for Six Sigma companies. A 30-day trial is included with the class.
  • Many providers focus solely on “the Lean and Six Sigma tools”. While Adaptive students are also taught the tools, we emphasize a systems level approach focused on helping student understand why “the tools” were developed, and how and where to practically apply them to your specific situations.

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